Telephone Box Removal

Please find below message from Selby Planning:

We have started consultation on the "First Notification" of the removal of a telephone box in your Parish Area (set out in the table at the end of this email), this consultation ends at 5:00pm on 19th May 2020.

Could you please make your community aware of the ongoing consultation informing them using the weblinks below.

Information about the consultation is available on our website here which sets out how you and your community can respond and there is also an online comment form here of which is also linked from the previous webpage.

The below text and the webpage above sets out the procedure and more information about the potential telephone removal procedure.

Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me on 01757 292072.

Potential Telephone Box Removal

Selby District Council received notification from British Telecom that it intends to remove 2 payphones from the District and British Telecom placed a Payphone Removal Notice (42 Day Notice) in each of the 2 payphones on 28th January 2020. The 42 Day Notice advised of the intention by British Telecom to remove the payphone and for people to contact the Local Authority with any comments concerning the removal.

Selby District Council has considered comments on its First Notice and has set out its "First Notification" decision as follows "To object to the removal of the telephone box due to the high number of calls and due to a number of emergency calls being made from the telephone box".

Second / Final Notice:

The comments received on the "First Notification" during the ongoing consultation informs the second / Final Notice. The second/ Final notice will be published and this will set out the Council's final decision. It will also be sent to the Secretary of State and the relevant Universal Service Provider. This has to be before 1 June 2020 to meet the British Telecom 90 day consultation process for payphone removal with the District Council.

You May Want to Adopt a Payphone?

The consultation process gives local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red "heritage" phone box and to make them a local asset. BT are advising that to adopt a payphone box it costs just a £1 and to apply at the following link:

Further Information

For further information and guidance on the removal process please see the following document:

And the summary leaflet:

Yours sincerely,

Jordan Fairclough.

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